Nutritional Foods

According to health experts, your body will not be able to support only small and sometimes nutritional food, it should also be stimulated and trained so that metabolic rate may be increased.

Normal day to day operations, short walk and moderate exercise can build your muscles and your body fit body. Body stable and well-maintained is as important as taking nutritional food and this should be maintained from the beginning of life. At the age of sixty and 100 kg body weight, thinking that to maintain a healthy body and a food nutrition will be no effect on weight or body or in your general welfare.

Teaching them to avoid wastage, food, sick, encourage them to get more raw fruit instead of artificial fruit, raw or slightly cooked vegetables, like white meat chicken or fish instead of red meat or meat mutton, boiled eggs and is important for their recruitment in more physical activity.

Content to maintain a healthy body and weight under control, you should be careful about the levels of vitamins, minerals, and every calorie of food for their consumption. We know that the metabolism rate is the degree to which our body burns fat. Fats tend to be deposited in the body, if reduced metabolic rate.

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